Airline stewardess dating

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Airline stewardess dating

“I do feel as if men in first class are more likely to hit on flight attendants because first class gives them a sense of entitlement,” she said in an e-mail interview.

[pullquote] We contacted Delta, Southwest, United and American Airlines and each carrier said that they have no policy preventing flight attendants from fraternizing with passengers.“I’d always get questions about whether I was in the Mile High Club. “I’ve seen men who are married, with rings on, hitting on my gay co-workers and they will exchange numbers,” he said.Easley said that he’s been asked out by female passengers about five times during his 16-year career, but that pales in comparison to what some of his female colleagues, even married ones, experience.[sidebar] “It’s not hopeless at all,” said Brian Easley, a veteran flight attendant with a blog called Straight Guy in the Queer Skies.“I can think of so many female flight attendants who have met their spouse on a flight.” Melissa, a flight attendant who blogs and asked us not to use her full name, says that she has dated a passenger just once, but has a collection of business cards given to her by flirtatious passengers. “If a crew member responds to a passenger flirting it can create a situation where that passenger is perhaps 'too' comfortable.

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I think a gentleman's reputation gets out to every FA in an entire airline in less than two months.

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