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Now an A-List comedian with a musical theatre bent.KELLAN LUTZ (Emmett Cullen) The mightiest of the Cullen clan developed a decent enough career in the aftermath.

So, does she recognise that she’s made an unlikely shift from teen vampire to art-house vamp?Like her co-star Robert Pattinson, she used the massive success of What you might not expect is the amount of energy she spits out.There is no sense of the creative introversion she’s exploited throughout her career.You can spot her in a number of TV projects and as Jodie Foster’s daughter in . She has also proved that it is possible to live a life in the glare without seeming hounded or constrained. “Yeah I don’t want to be too guarded,” she says brightly. At that age you don’t know how to react with more than a couple of people. When it is thrust at you and that consideration is owned by the masses – not just by you and the people close to you – it starts this weird unnatural thought process. This relaxed engagement with the media also seems new. And there are ways to interact with the public,” she says.Woody Allen recently compared her to the young Elizabeth Taylor, but, in truth, no other female star has had quite the same oblique, reticent appeal. I think that’s what his reference points are,” she says laughing. She recently confirmed that, following several relationships with men, she was dating visual-effects producer Alicia Cargile. You are already trying to figure out what people’s perceptions of you are without all that. So, I really shut down and that doesn’t provide a fully lived life.” In , Stewart plays a young woman, assistant to a movie mogul, who romances a young arrival (her frequent collaborator Jesse Eisenberg) in an idealised version of 1930s Hollywood. “Beyond that, there are ways to interact with human beings. I have found balance of ignoring the things I find worthless and letting in the stuff that feels human.

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I have thoughtlessly traversed my creative desires. As I have got older I have realised how working with good directors provides good experiences and good films.