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Sure, the concept of “banned” Super Bowl ads is a murky one; critics complain that some companies create controversial spots specifically so they’ll be rejected by the big game, giving the ads more attention than they would’ve otherwise received. a former football player once named Larry Jones, decides his real dream is to enter the lingerie business. Why it was banned: Go Daddy’s Chief Marketing Officer told Daily Finance that according to CBS, the ad had the “potential to offend viewers.” CBS reportedly declined to offer specific reasons for the nix, but a likely culprit is the gay stereotypes presented by the Lola character, including gestures and a pink tracksuit. “John ,” Look Up316(2011) The ad: A group of friends are watching a football game together when a close-up on one of the players shows the words “John ” on his eye black.That said: The urge to gawk at stuff that’s been deemed naughty, provocative, or otherwise inappropriate is one of our most basic human impulses—which is why the legend of “banned” ads persist each year, regardless of how accurate that label may be. “Bottle Opener,” Bud Light (2006) The ad: A man at a bar takes the opportunity to grab his own beer after the bartender steps away. Why it was banned: Thompson claimed discrimination against plus-sized women, but NBC responded that her company had never actually filed a formal “order to buy” and therefore could not be considered for Super Bowl airtime. One of the friends asks what that means, and the other says he’ll look it up.Zoo officials worry that portraying the primates as pets will lead to less conservation.

Career is catching some heat from the Lincoln Park Zoo for their commercial featuring chimpanzees acting like humans. is sending a message to the NFL — by putting up a Phoenix billboard advertisement that’s certain to start a conversation about perception and acceptance among both gay and straight sports fans."In a year that ended with marriage equality in more than 35 states, the NFL still lags behind.Sam, the star Missouri defensive end who made headlines for kissing his boyfriend on TV when he got drafted by the Rams, got cut before the season started — leaving the nearly 1,700-player NFL without an openly gay player.Jesus and Obama bobblehead dolls duke it out, an almost-nude model caresses a pumpkin, and Mickey Rooney does the unthinkable.Watch these and other ads that won’t make it to game day.

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