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Trollz the dating game

Amethyst returns from a summer away with a surprise: her gem got its glow!She can cast spells now like the rest of her friends."Text speak," originating in IM and a popular shorthand for use with mobile phones, is similar to "1337," though the hardcore consider it a different language.One possible justification for Xtreme Kool Letterz in Real Life is that, at least in the United States, "common words" cannot be trademarked as-is, but deliberate misspellings can.Phoebe has an older sister, five-year-old Raegan, whose hair is thick, brown, and flat like her mother's.

Jamie's mother saw an article on the social networking site about a little girl with Uncombable Hair Syndrome, which inspired them to reach back out to Phoebe's doctor.

The limits are easier to get around in comics and video games.

If they use English, expect it to be about as good as our Japanese.

Phoebe Braswell, who is 21 months old, is one of only around 100 children worldwide with a documented case of Uncombable Hair Syndrome (UHS), a real disorder of the hair shaft of the scalp.

According to the National Institute of Health, sufferers of UHS usually have disorderly silvery-blond or straw-colored hair which grows standing up and cannot be brushed flat.

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Some are simply non-Japanese creators deciding to mimic the style, while others are genuine co-productions.

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