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World of warcraft validating version

Be proactive when it comes to these types of programs.

If users can’t install an IM program on their computer, you will never have to remove it from the system.

However, they are resource-intensive, so a balance needs to be found, and virtualization needs to be used according to the level of resources in an organization.

Of course, these systems need to be maintained and updated (hardened) as well.

The best procedure is to check a system periodically for any unnecessary programs.

For example, instant messaging programs might be fun for a user but usually are not productive in the workplace (to put it nicely); plus, they often have backdoors that are easily accessible to attackers.

They should be discouraged or disallowed by rules and policies.

For example, in Windows 7 we can look at the list of installed programs by going to the Control Panel Notice in the figure that Camtasia Studio 5 is installed. If in the future I decide to install the latest version of Camtasia, or use another program, such as Adobe Captivate or something similar, and Camtasia 5 is no longer necessary, then it should be removed.

This can be done by right-clicking the application and selecting Uninstall.

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That is just one example of many, but it can be applied to most superfluous programs.

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